Diary 6: Blinded by paint

Diary 6: Blinded by paint

1 week after the hospital incident 

It’s been slow, everything has just seemed to cool off. Mom is back at work, being an accountant is a tough job here, you’re always in demand , no matter what day it is. Maluna is staying with grandma and grandpa , the last time we called, all they said she does is paint. For it to be this calm is very unusual, especially since it’s the school holidays. Normally one would hear the sound of girls giggling and children playing cricket out in the streets, but now all you hear is the occasional bird which sits in the tree. All this quiet time has left me with nothing but annoying thoughts. I’ve been trying to shake the idea that what Maluna said at the hospital was the truth, I keep trying to convince myself that it was just the medication talking.

As I slowly walk down the stairs ,to make me some porridge, I hear the sound of aunt Melody’s high heel boots come in the door. I attempt to move as quietly as possible, moving one tip toe at a time.                                                                                                                   “David , is that you?” says aunty Melody from the lounge area. “David , I need to ask you a question , it’s about some artwork.” her voice is oddly soothing , not the normal brash Melody I know.                                                                                                                              “Yes aunty , I’m on my way.” say I walking at a steady speed. As I walk into the lounge area, I notice a massive stack of papers laying on the table, some wall paint and quite a few brushes.                                                                     “David tell me , have you been noticing some odd movements in the neighbourhood? I have some pictures here of the latest graffiti artwork. Notice anything odd?”                                                          “Well yes , some of these are new.”                         “You’re correct , now look at these pictures Kimberley”                                                                        “They’re the same”, say I looking very shocked.                                                                          “David , I’m going to take you to some of these pieces and I want you to highlight some of the similarities. I know you’re good with art , you’ve always been blessed with that talent” aunt Melody picks up her keys and points me in the direction of the door, “Come on , we’re going now.”

5 minutes later.

Aunty Melody’s car is so neat , much like her personality, snobbish to be honest. She’s always given me a hard time , whether it be about my looks or anything. She turns on the radio, I know that this is a signal that she’s focussed on something and that I shouldnt bother her. Looking around I notice that the sense of coldness that I’ve been getting has seemed to spread all throughout the neighbourhood. Everywhere I look the windows are all shut. I know there are people inside. People are strange creatures, when they fear something their immediate reaction is either to flee or fight. In this neighborhoods case , I think everyone has chosen to flee and hide away from the unknown threat. But then again is there even a threat?

We make it to the sight of the graffiti , you can see that it’s not more than a month old or even less. Aunty Melody hands me a sketch pad and asks me if I can see what’s new to the artwork. The graffiti before was of a women crying tears of gold , but now someone has changed it completely. To the naked eye it would seem as if it was never that women crying her golden tears but only ever a man with a mouth of jewels and speech bubbles spewing threats. This graffiti is depicting someone who has bad intentions , it’s sending a message to people,  what they own is not theirs but his. His eyes seem to follow you , someone is trying to send a message to the community.  Someone is blinding us from reality using this graffiti, the person is robbing us of our security. Like people constantly incite fear into others with the usage of blackmail (like memes and photos and comments) so does this artwork incite fear into us.

Aunty Melody hands me an envelope , I open it, to find pictures of houses with graffiti on them. At the bottom of the images it states “Hijacking , burglary and Vandalism”. When I see this all I hear is Maluna’s voice speaking about her ordeal. All I wonder is whether these artworks are simply a diversion from us seeing the truth. Are the perpetrator’s  using paint to blind us.

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