Diary 3: Time

Diary 3: Time

It’s been three days since Aunt Melody has arrived, the seasons are slowly changing, I can feel it. The Sun rising later in the morning , dark clouds peering from over the mountain, awaking to the sound of nothing but car motors starting. Now when I peer out my bedroom window, almost frosted, I can only see darkness. The darkness that comes when bad things are about to happen. The kind of darkness which conceals the people who lurk in the shadows. Time is becoming nothing but an illusion, a facade on the face of people who believe in it’s constraints. I feel that things are continuously changing and I don’t like it.

“David , wake up!…” exclaims mom as she runs up the stairs, I can hear that she’s out of breath.             “Something terrible has happened , they’ve urrh..,”.                                                                               “Mom what is it ?”, ask I still groggy.                                                                                                                                             “It’s cousin Maluna , she’s been in a terrible accident”, says mom. She looks as if she’s seen a ghost, as pale as snow. Her expression tells me that whatever this is , is not normal.                                “Well don’t just stand there ! , tell me what’s going on?” ask I my mom as she stares blankly at me.                                                                                                                                                                                                    “The hospital never gave much information , get your clothes on , we’re heading to the hospital in 10”                                                                                                                                                                                             “Okay , I’ll be there in 5!.”

Maluna is my only cousin from my mom’s side that’s still in contact with us. My mom raised her since she was 6 years old. My Uncle Jeremy gave my mom custody, he stated in his will ” Margret , take care of Maluna. She is my everything and will forever be in my heart. Please don’t let her forget about me.“. Mom has always had a space in her heart for Maluna, it’s no wonder she’s so shook. Maluna is like a sister to me, and I hate myself for being so calm in this situation. My anger and sadness are being masked by this darkness, this cold, it makes me cold to the core.

As I sit in the car and watch the clock as we’re driving, I could swear that it’s not moving. Time is standing still. Just like when he died. This entire situation reminds me of that time, it was on a morning just like this. Mom got the phonecall , we rushed , we were too late. Time never applied that day , no matter how fast we drove. He would still be gone.                                                                     “David , I need you to phone grandma and grandpa. Tell them they need to make their way over to West-Drive hospital immediately.”, says mom driving at 70km/h. When we arrive at the hospital I notice that moms eyes begin to fill with tears , she knows just as well as I do what this reminds us of.  We eventually get out of the car and head straight towards the trauma unit.                                         “We’re looking for Maluna Bartello , please we’re her family.”, I ask the nurse sitting by the desk. She begins to look through the stacks of files on her desk.                                                            “Here it is, she’s in room 33 , just go straight down the passage and take a right. You’ll see a lot of rooms , just look for 33” says the nurse pointing down the passage.                                                                       “Thank you so much.” say I, noticing that my moms already halfway down the passage.

I eventually catch up to her and we’re basically already at the door of room 33. We enter , to find Maluna all bruised. Her face swollen , out of her right eye a tear falls. Mom rushes to her bedside asking, “Maluna what happened? , who did this too you?”. No matter how hard Maluna attempts to open her mouth , you can tell the pain is far too great.                                                                                        “She was assaulted in an attempted hijacking…” says a soothing voice coming from the door. “She fought against her assailants , a bystander called the cops and the paramedics. She was lucky to survive, you should be proud of her. I’m Dr Anderson , you must be her mother and brother?”                                                                                                                                                                                            “I was her legal guardian until she turned 18. We’re the only family she has.”,says mom looking straight into the doctors eyes.                                                                                                                                             “I understand, she’s in good hands Mrs… ?”                                                                                                             “Its Mrs Gray” says mom.                                                                                                                                                          “Well okay I’ll be back in an hour or two to check on Maluna” says Doctor Anderson as he walks out the room.

I just sit there , I feel so small. I look at the clock and it’s been exactly 1 hour since I woke up. Yet it only feels like a couple of minutes, times facade showing it’s true colors.

“Time is becoming nothing but an illusion, a facade on the face of people who believe in it’s constraints”

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