Diary 2 (part 2): People Cheat… I mean it’s understandable

As I sit at my desk, old and rugged, I end up  just staring at a blank page. Many thoughts run through my mind all at once. Each one attempting to overtake the other. It feels as if a heavy-metal concert is taking place in my head. I need to study there’s no other option I shouldn’t concern myself with other things – my business mark is currently sitting on a 60% and if it goes any lower mom will end up taking away my computer privileges, Two hours aren’t going to hurt…

‘Two hours later’

My eyes feel as if I’ve been looking into the sun for hours , as I walk out the room I notice that the TV is off and the WiFi too, I end up shouting up the stairs,”Mom are we going to the shops later?” thinking that she’s upstairs. Instead of a reply all I get is the faint sound of older women talking outside in the road. I try to listen in on what they’re saying from where I’m standing but it’s all a blur. I end up walking towards the door and the voices seem to have stopped talking, I open the door and the Sun’s light blinds me.                                                                                                                                “David , come and say hello to Aunty Melody.”, says mom catching me by surprise. They’re standing in the driveway , no wonder I couldn’t hear them from inside the house.                                              “Aunty Melody, so nice to see you, what brings you around?”, say I with a very confused expression on my face.  Aunty Melody is that one aunt we all have, the one that judges you for everything you do, but you know her dirty little secrets.                                                                                         “David, it’s so nice to see you!, I see your still so skinny, pale and emotionless. I guess some things never change.” says Aunty Melody replying to my expression. I mean seriously who does this women think she is !. She only ends up here if its for work or if she wants to announce that she’s got a new fiancé or that she’s been caught cheating.                                                                                            “Aunty Melody is here on a work trip, turns out the police department is need of help with an ongoing investigation into recent house burgles” says mom sounding very proud of her sister. I wonder how many men she had to sink her teeth into in order to get this gig.                                        “It’s always a pleasure having aunty around” say I attempting to not sound sarcastic.                                       “And it’s always a pleasure to be in your company David…” says Aunty Melody with a big smirk on her face, seems as if she’s sensed my subtle sarcasm, “…be a good boy and carry your aunts bags in please.” this women knows how to grind my bones.

Why does this women have three bags?. It looks as if she’s planning on staying for quite a while, maybe there is more to this trip then just work. As I carry the final bag up the stairs and into the room I accidentally fall. Looks as if this bag isn’t for clothing, all that flies out of the bag is a bunch of papers. As I begin to pack it back into the bag , I end up reading whats on the cover. ” CASE FILE 3201982736…  CHARGES LISTED AS FOLLOWS : Breaking and Entry x10 , Murder x1…. ONGOING INVESTIGATION…” Whatever has happened must be serious but the only thing that bothers me , is that the location of the robberies are not even near here. In fact it’s from a suburb in Kimberly!

I hear Aunty Melody’s footsteps as she comes up the stairs, I end up rushing in order to put all the pages back. I wish I could have seen more. On the other hand I wish I hadn’t seen it, all it’s done is give me more questions. It doesn’t add up , why would a family move halfway through the year? Why would they not inform the neighborhood of their arrival? The only reason we knew they moved in is because my mom managed to spot the moving van when she came home from the night shift.

“Okay, you can leave now. Actually David why don’t you make me a cup of tea” says Aunty Melody jumping onto her bed.                                                                                                                                                                  “Yes, sure aunty” say I avoiding her eyes. Let’s just hope she finds a man before she’s done here. A man for Aunty Melody equals less work for me !

“The only reason we knew they moved in is because my mom managed to spot the moving van when she came home from the night shift.”

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One thought on “Diary 2 (part 2): People Cheat… I mean it’s understandable

  1. Totally got an aunt like Aunt Melody. Less on the judgemental , more on the obnoxious – defs a pain in the maximus…but i love. Looks like Davids on too something. Does it concern the Gallows, who knows? Lets just hope its was intresting than studying business.

    Post notification on:)

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