Diary 2: People Cheat… I mean its understandable

“Buzzz… Buzzz.. , Liz_Gallows has requested to follow you on Instagram..” To be honest I’m not really finding it weird that she wants to follow me, I mean she did ask me to be friends with her on Facebook. The more I see the request pop up, the more I seem to remember her, every time more beautiful than the last.                                                                                                                                                     “Oh my word!. David, I haven’t seen you in like a month! where have you been hiding all this time” screamed Lutho from across the street ( not from the scary house but from the one next door to it)                                                                                                                                                                                             “Yeah it has been a while , I mean I’ve been doing stuff…” replied I hastily wanting the conversation to move along faster. Lutho is the ball of fun , everybody enjoys it when she’s around, she’s the ever ready battery always looking out for you. I consider her one of the few people who I can actually say is a ‘friend’ whatever that is.                                                                                         ” Is your mom home, I’d love to come and greet her?” asked Lutho . I mean who wants to speak to my mom ? awkward much?                                                                                                                                        “Yeah she’s home , just come with me.” said I hoping that it would shut her up. I’m seriously not in the mood.

“Hi Mrs G, my mom sent me to ask if you got the letter regarding the newbies moving in down the road” asked Lutho holding a white enveloped letter. Looks kind of official actually, but then again this neighborhood is so dramatic.                                                                                                                                       “I actually haven’t checked my letter box in a couple of days , Lutho may I please have look” says my mother as she gently takes the letter from Lutho.                                                                                My mom reads the letter out aloud, it says “ To the members of the Hargrove neighborhood,    it has come to the boards attention that a new family has moved in at 32 Fereri Avenue without the knowledge of the board and it’s trustees. As all residents should know, once a property has changed owners it is the responsibility of the previous owners to inform the board of the change. Once that has happened it is compulsory that the board plans a meeting to welcome the family to the neighborhood and to hold and official welcoming meeting. The reasoning for the letter is to ask that everyone keeps a eye out for any suspicious activity from the residence mentioned above. Many Thanks , Board of Trustees”                                                                                                                          “Do these people honestly think that the Gallows are criminals?” I ask Lutho and my mom, “I mean just because they didn’t do something doesn’t mean that they’re criminals!”. They’re treating the Gallows like petty thieves, they would never want to be treated like that in any way.                        “Lutho please tell your mom I say that this letter is disgusting and that I’ll give her a call later.” says mom directing Lutho out the door.                                                                                               “Sure Mrs G, no problem” says Lutho already out by the garden gate.

I have seriously lost all patience for this community, “Mom , I’m going to my room to study for tomorrow’s business exam” say I walking slowly into my room switching off the WiFi as i walk past. I doubt I’m even going to study, I mean my anxiety really gets to me even before i write. Plus I can’t seem to get her image out of my brain.

People cheat…  I mean it’s understandable. I think I’m going to need to cheat my way not only through this test but through my entire year.

“Do these people honestly think the Gallows are criminals?”

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2 thoughts on “Diary 2: People Cheat… I mean its understandable

  1. Looks like David, Mr. Romeo has a crush, The Gallows daughter. Is he practicaly conserned about the fact that peolple think the Gallows are criminals or maybe is his judgement clouded by Liz?
    I wonder what will happen next.
    I guess people do cheat – and that might be understandable- but will people who are cheated blindly be understanding?
    *DUN, DUN, DUN*
    Cant wait for the next, Chris. This is getting juicy.

    Liked by 1 person

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